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Sedona Medicine Wheel

sedona medicine wheel

    medicine wheel
  • Medicine wheels, or sacred hoops, were constructed by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground. Most medicine wheels follow the basic pattern of having a center of stone(s), and surrounding that is an outer ring of stones with "spokes", or lines of rocks radiating from the center.

  • A large circular pattern made on the ground through the placement of stones. The patterns could include other rings, spokes and cairns. The Blackfoot indians used these kinds of structures as part of a death lodge to inter famous and powerful warriors.

  • Since 50 states werenit enough, yuppie New Agers stole this ritual so they could use it to fix flat tires on their mountain bikes and Jeeps.

  • A stone circle built by North American Indians, believed to have religious, astronomical, territorial, or calendrical significance

  • A resort city in north central Arizona, a popular New Age center; pop. 7,720

  • A place located in Arizona and considered as a sacred or holy place by Native Americans. Many healers and people who are interested in the spiritual world make pilgrimages to this place.

  • Sedona is a city that straddles the county line between Coconino and Yavapai counties in the northern Verde Valley region of the U.S. state of Arizona. According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 11,220.

sedona medicine wheel - Sedona: Journal

Sedona: Journal of Emergence (December 1998) Tunnels under Phoenix; Star Nation Medicine Wheel; The Great Awakening; The Seeding of Divine Equality; Atlantis and Halloween; The Light of the World Is You; Energetic Compatibility in Relationships (Vol. 8, No. 12)

Sedona: Journal of Emergence (December 1998) Tunnels under Phoenix; Star Nation Medicine Wheel; The Great Awakening; The Seeding of Divine Equality; Atlantis and Halloween; The Light of the World Is You; Energetic Compatibility in Relationships (Vol. 8, No. 12)

December 1998
A Gift to Self: Dare to Be You, Pretty Flower/Miriandra Rota
You Are Approaching Full Bloom, Assembly of Light/Abby Haydon
A Holiday Gift from Spirit, Joy Lee Larocque
We've Joined the Diamond Heart of Source, Nancy McPadden
December Predictions, Peter and the Masters of Light/Ruth Ryden
Tunnels under Phoenix, White Light in New England, Zoosh/Robert Shapiro
Star Nation Medicine Wheel, Rod Bearcloud Berry
Let Me Be Your Comforter, Mother Mary/Carol Sydney
Astronaut Seeks Broader Answers, Mother Earth/Pepper Lewis
This Is a Special Time, P'taah/Jani King
The Great Awakening, Lazaris/Jach Pursel
The Family, Part II, Kryon/Lee Carroll
Preparing to Open the Magic Door, Archangel Michael/Ronna Herman
The Seeding of Divine Equality, Vywamus/Saemmi Muth
Atlantis and Halloween, Bashar/Darryl Anka
The Beauty of Life, Voice of the Stone/Speaks of Many Truths/Robert Shapiro
The Story of the Ugly Dog, Sri Yukteswar/Theresa Stolaroff
The Light of the World Is You, Jesus/Sananda/Scott Amun
Energetic Compatibility in Relationships, Geremy/Ann Brewer
Weaving Soul Ribbons into Our Unique Design, Brown-Robed Ones/Joy Lee Larocque
The Herb Patch, Laurel Dewey
Saturn Square Neptune, Govinda
Astrology for Soul Evolution, Barbara Shere
Rune Tune Tides, MuRasha Rowntree
The Dream Zone, Katya Romanoff/Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
Blending Ancient Wisdom, David Nash
Your Month by the Numbers, Lynn Buess
Stories for Explorer Race's Inner Child, Robert Shapiro
Memories through Time, Verna Yater
Dear Louise, Louise Hay
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Brad's Sedona View

Brad's Sedona View

~ ©photo by Clairvaux Debevec All rights reserved.
Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission.

Before my husband died, he told me to take his ashes to all the places we loved, and to the places we were going to go, but would never get to go to together. I think it was his way of forcing me to move and to insure I would go back to my touchstones . . those places that kept him nearer to me. In each place I built a medicine wheel, using stones I brought from our homes, to honor the sacred circle of life, it's basic four directions and the elements. An outward expression of an inner dialogue perhaps.

One of our favorite places to spend time and hike, in Sedona, Arizona. I scattered some ashes here on a Christmas day and I know he is loving the view.

Mii amo Medicine Wheel

Mii amo Medicine Wheel

In Native American culture the Medicine Wheel represents the four stages of life.

sedona medicine wheel

sedona medicine wheel

Sedona's Top 10 Hikes

Sedona's Top 10 Hikes; is an award winning hike book and is unlike any other in our marketplace. It appeals to anyone interested in hiking in Sedona. Author and adventure guide, Dennis Andres has outdone himself with the format of this book. This 112 page book packs a wealth of information in this easy to use guide. It distinguishes its hikes as easy, moderate and strenuous and has something for every level of fitness. It combines in depth information about the landscape and trails, easy to understand maps, directional guidance, and spectacular full color photography that lets you know what types of vistas await you along the trails and make this Sedona's most intense, beautiful and descriptive hike book. From drive times to geological tips, and from photographic points to GPS data, this beautiful book is full of details to make the most of your outing. Hikes are rated from easiest to most strenuous, and include round-trip mileage and times, vortex notes and ideas for where to go after the hike and much more!!

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