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Small Water Wheel

small water wheel

    water wheel
  • waterwheel: a wheel that rotates by direct action of water; a simple turbine

  • waterwheel: a wheel with buckets attached to its rim; raises water from a stream or pond

  • A water wheel is a machine for converting the energy of free-flowing or falling water into useful forms of power. A water wheel consists of a large wooden or metal wheel, with a number of blades or buckets arranged on the outside rim forming the driving surface.

  • Small items of clothing, esp. underwear

  • the slender part of the back

  • limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent; "a little dining room"; "a little house"; "a small car"; "a little (or small) group"

  • on a small scale; "think small"

Water wheel / waterrad

Water wheel / waterrad

Between 1870, when it was built by the De Winton company of Caernarfon, and 1925, when the smaller Pelton wheel came into use, this wheel supplied energy to all the Gilfach Ddu workshops. Today, its bulk still impresses. This is the largest water wheel on the British mainland: it is 15.4 metres in diameter.

The water powering the wheel comes from the Ceunant waterfall, above Llanberis, through cast iron pipes. The water then rises to the tank above the wheel (because the source is higher than the level of the tank). The wheel's propulsion comes from its rim rather than the axle and so the spokes of the wheel only serve to hold it together — rather like a bike wheel. By means of a system of cogs and pinion wheels, the energy from the water which flows from bucket to bucket on the wheel is transmitted along the line shafting to all the workshops on site.

The wheel is so finely balanced that it begins to turn the minute just one of its 140 buckets fills with water. The wheel itself is a testament to the talent of local engineers, and still works perfectly a century and a half after it was built. Like the incline, the wheel was restored in 2000 thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and it works continuously.

Water Wheel

Water Wheel

The waterwheel is an ancient device that uses flowing or falling water to create power by means of a set of paddles mounted around a wheel. The force of the water moved the paddles, and the consequent rotation of the wheel is transmitted to machinery via the shaft of the wheel. The first reference to its use dates back to about 4000 B.C., where, in a poem by an early Greek writer, Antipater, it tells about the freedom from the toil of young women who operated small handmills to grind corn. They were used for crop irrigation, grinding grains, supply drinking water to villages and later to drive sawmills, pumps, forge bellows, tilt-hammers, trip hammers, and to power textile mills. They were probably the first method of creating mechanical energy that replaced humans and animals.

small water wheel

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